Why Placemaking?


For a place to be loved, people need more than something functional – we seek to build relationships and a sense of belonging.

Placemaking fosters that difference, transforming buildings, neighbourhoods or even cities into dynamic, magnetic, flourishing spaces of culture, social life and business.

© Ronya Galka

© Ronya Galka


Placemaking is a process. We can help at any, or every, step of the way.

1. Vision: Creating or reimagining places begins with big ideas and ambitious thinking: what is the dream? What does a place look like, feel like and even sound like; who is there; what makes it so magnetic?

2. Personality: Vision is then brought down to earth. We humanise it, make it practical and achievable, and give it ‘personality’: a multidimensional, flexible but clear purpose (and place positioning).  

3. Life: We bring that personality to life through creative ideas, retail strategies, cultural programming, special design or public art projects - whatever is most relevant to the project.